Train in one of the most atmospheric fitness clubs in Krakow!

Fit by Step located in the building of the former Wolność cinema is a unique corner on the map of Krakow. There is a reason that the name "family fitness club" appeared in the name, because it is a space where generations can exercise.

Every day, we care about your health, energy and well-being with care for the atmosphere and high quality of training. We know how important satisfaction with your own appearance is, which is why we care for your beauty from every side - starting from group classes, where we combine harmonious work of the body and soul, through effective training in the strength part, to relax in the sauna and lymphatic drainage.

FIT BY STEP family fitness club is a group of mental, functional, strengthening and dance classes, it is a Kids Club with a training program for children and adolescents, the Senior 60+ program and gymnastics for pregnant and postpartum women.

Fit by step is a club where in a family atmosphere you will take care of yourself so that you feel healthy and attractive.