Terms and Conditions

Dear Club Members,

We would like to inform you that the Fit by step club will reopen on 28.05.2021 (Friday). Every person using the services of our club is required to read the Regulations:


Regulations for the safe use of the Fit by step club in connection with the prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Based on the recommendations of GIS it is recommended to limit the number of people staying at the club to 1 person per 15m2. Therefore, out of concern for the health and safety of club members, the club set a limit of 55 people who can simultaneously stay within the entire facility. 2.
At the reception desk there may be only one client at a safe distance of 1.5 m - stickers have been introduced to inform about the safe distance zones (if you see a queue at the reception desk, wait outside the entrance). 3.
3rd Customer before entering the facility is required to read and accept the "Regulations for the safe use of the club Fit by step in relation to the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 virus," which is available on the club website, sent by email and is available at the reception of the club.
4th MultiSport cardholders, for security reasons, please download the application with a mobile MultiSport card, which provides contactless reading and registration of entry (more information at: https://www.kartamultisport.pl/mobile/). At the same time cards will still be accepted.
5th In connection with the current situation and out of concern for safety, please come to class on time and leave the club immediately after the training.
6th Each client is required to have their own towel and mat to exercise.
7. there will be a technical break every day from 13:00 to 15:00, during which the club will be disinfected and thoroughly aired. During the technical break all persons staying at the club will be asked to leave the club. 8.
(8) A distance of 1.5 m from other members and staff must be strictly observed at the club; stickers will remind you of this.
Each client is required to wear a mask. The only exception is during training.
10. machines in the gym/cardio/women's/personal training areas are set up at an appropriate distance from each other (1.5m) or have been taken out of use in order to maintain the required distance.
People in the so-called. risk group (over 60 years of age or suffering from chronic diseases) are asked, where possible, to use the club at times of reduced attendance ie. 11:00-13:00.
Disinfection of toilets will be carried out every 2 hours by club staff.
13. additional liquids for hand disinfection have been placed in the club. Please use them immediately after entering the club, after using the restroom, before entering the exercise room and when leaving the club.
14. the club has been placed additional preparations for disinfecting equipment and surfaces, please disinfect before and after use: equipment (machines and accessories) located in the gym and closets.
15. for safety reasons, please use your own mats, while the club equipment and machines are at your disposal while maintaining the principles of safety and hygiene (disinfection).
16. organized classes will be accepted only by: phone contact, e-mail, customer panel at www.fitbystep.pl and eFitness App.
Until further notice, the ability to sign up directly at the front desk of the club is withdrawn.
17. you can participate in 1 class per day.
18. due to the reduced number of participants in organized classes, and thus their limited availability, please strictly follow the rules for signing up for classes and cancelling your participation in them (the statutory time for cancelling your participation is up to 3 hours before the start of the class). Unrevoked reservations will be automatically deducted from the pass. Individuals with MultiSport/Fit Profit/Ok System partner cards who fail to cancel classes will be blocked by the eFitness system from making reservations via the customer panel and eFitness application. 19.
If possible, please limit your use of the locker room and toilets. Those who are able to do so are asked to come to the training already changed, with replacement shoes, which should be changed and placed in the changing room under the lockers. 20.
20. using blow dryers is forbidden, there are paper towel dispensers in the locker rooms.
Persons violating safety rules will be warned and instructed by club staff, and in the case of further non-compliance, asked to leave the facility.
The above guidelines are subject to change.



1. These Regulations define the rights and obligations of the Club Fit by Step, customers, the rules of staying at the Club, and participation in training and group activities at the Club Fit by Step.
2. Club Fit by Step hereinafter referred to as Club FbS provides services in the following areas: gym, fitness classes, group activities, wellness and climbing wall. Detailed offer of services provided by Klub FbS and information about the opening hours of Klub FbS is available at the Reception and on the Klub FbS website.
3. All persons, hereinafter referred to as Clients, are entitled to use services of the Club on the terms specified in these Regulations, provided that in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of National Education dated September 12, 2001 (Dz. U. No. 101, Item 1095, par. 2.1, pt. 6) they submit a signed statement of their fitness to participate in recreational and sport activities on the Club Personal Questionnaire. In order to be entitled to use the services of FbS Club it is required to buy a pass or partner system card (Multisport, Fit Profit, MultiActive, OK System) and to complete Personal Questionnaire together with the consent to process the personal data necessary to provide the services i.e. to create an account in data communication systems, to issue a personalized card enabling the use of the facility, as well as to become familiar with these Regulations and to confirm this fact by ticking the appropriate box in the Personal Questionnaire.
4. Signing the Terms and Conditions involves the presentation of a document verifying the identity of the Client.
5. Clients use FbS Club services solely at their own risk and declare that they have no health contraindications to exercise. Persons with health problems should consult a doctor and provide a medical certificate of fitness to exercise before joining the training, classes.
6. In case of concealment of health information, the Client shall be fully responsible for the damages incurred, as well as for the damages incurred by the FbS Club.
7. Minors may use the Club's services under the following conditions: under 14 years of age only in group classes and from 14 years of age only in group classes and in the gym with the written consent of their parents or legal guardians and with the trainer's approval and individual adjustment of the classes to the minor.
8. Written consent should include information that identifies the minor and the minor's guardian.
9. FbS Club reserves the right to remove a Club Member and terminate his/her membership in case of violation of generally accepted social norms.
10. FbS Club reserves the right to close the Club on public holidays (church and national holidays).
11. FbS Club reserves the right to close the Club if it is necessary to carry out repairs aimed at improving customer safety or for other reasons beyond the control of FbS Club.
12. In justified cases FbS Club reserves the right to make changes in group activities, including changing the type of activities in the schedule, their start or end times, changes in the persons conducting them, as well as the cancellation of these activities.
13. FbS Club may change the opening hours of the club and the Regulations after informing the Clients about it by posting information in publicly accessible places and on the website.
14. Class participants are required to store their belongings in locked lockers provided by the FbS Club.
15. FbS Club shall not be liable to Clients for any items left in the locker which are not everyday necessities, as well as for documents, cell phones, money and other valuables.
16. There is a free of charge depository for valuables (mentioned in the previous point) at the reception of FbS Club.
17. In case of losing a key or padlock to the locker FbS Club charges a fee of 30PLN.
18. Bringing in and consuming alcoholic beverages, drugs, intoxicants, or psychotropic drugs as well as beverages in glass containers on the FbS Club premises is prohibited. It is also forbidden to stay on the premises of the FbS Club when intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or psychotropic substances.
19. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the club area.
20. FbS Club shall not be liable for damages resulting from the breach of the Terms and Conditions by the Client or for reasons attributable to the Client, due to force majeure, or solely due to the fault of a third party for which FbS Club is not responsible.
Passes, Entries, Cards
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1. The FbS Club services are available to persons who have a valid personal pass, active Multisport, Fit Profit, MultiActive, OK System card and persons who bought a one-time entry ticket.
2. All passes available for sale are personal and may not be used by third parties.
3. Upon purchase of the first pass there is a 10 PLN refundable deposit for the individual customer card. The deposit is refunded upon the return of the card and the termination of membership in the Club, but no later than 3 months after the card's expiry date.
4. Passes are valid for 30 consecutive days from the date of service.
5. The club offers specialty classes that may require surcharges on top of the standard pass. These classes are marked on the class schedule.
6. Activation of the pass must not exceed 2 months from the date of purchase.
7. Classes and entrance fees not used due to the Client's fault do not constitute grounds for refunds or renewal of passes.
8. A lost or stolen pass may be blocked upon notification and presentation of proof of identity. A duplicate will be issued for a fee of PLN 10.
9. Returns of unused passes can be made up to 7 days after purchase with a receipt confirming the transaction.
10. The name badge or pledge should be left with the receptionist before entering the club area. If the pledge is an ID document, FbS Club stores it in a manner that prevents the readability of its data (in a closed envelope) and access by unauthorized persons.
11. Clients using the FbS Club services on the basis of a Multisport, Fit Profit or MultiActive card can use the Club services after showing the card at the Club Reception together with a document allowing the verification of the card owner identity. Customers with OK System card are verified on the basis of a text message sent by OK System to the customer's phone.
3. VIP passes
1. VIP pass is granted to the Client after purchase of 12 passes in a row (does not apply to discounted and morning passes).
2. VIP pass holders are entitled to a 10% discount on the purchase of each subsequent pass.
3. VIP pass holders have a permanent 50% discount on sauna and lymphatic drainage.
4. VIP pass holders are entitled to periodical discounts and promotions prepared by the Club.
5. VIP pass holders have the option to suspend their passes for 30 days during the calendar year for periods of no less than 7 days.
6. Loss of VIP status occurs immediately upon discontinuing the purchase of passes.
4 Rules of participation in classes and trainings
1. Reservations are required for group classes. You can make a reservation online via the Customer Panel, eFitness app, by phone or in person at the reception desk at FbS Club.
2. FbS Club does not guarantee a seat in a class without a reservation. You may attend classes without a reservation as space is available.
3. Seat reservations for group classes can be effectively cancelled up to 3 hours prior to the start of the class.
4. In case of lateness to the class exceeding 5 minutes, the club does not guarantee the availability of the reserved seat.
5. Clients wishing to attend group classes, if more than 10 minutes late for safety reasons, will only be allowed to attend with the permission of the instructor and at their own risk.
6. Those who do not attend the class 3 times and do not cancel their reservation will not be allowed to enroll for a period to be determined individually (up to a maximum of 90 days).
7. During the class the participant is obliged to follow the instructions and comments of the instructor and the FbS Club staff.
8. The FbS Club requires sportswear and clean, replaceable shoes (other than the ones worn by the Client when entering the FbS Club). Flip-flops, ballet shoes, flip-flops, bare feet and other footwear are not allowed unless instructed otherwise by the instructor.
9. Individuals participating in group classes and using the gym are required to exercise in sportswear and use a towel by placing it on the exercise equipment and mats.
10. Personal training sessions at the Club are subject to space availability fees. Trainings should be reported at the Club Reception before starting them.
11. The client is obliged to finish the exercises/training 15 minutes before closing of the club.
5 Processing of Customer Data
1. In order to ensure Club FbS is able to properly provide its services, Customers provide Club FbS with the following personal information: first name, last name, home address, date of birth, telephone number, and email address.
2. Submitted personal data will be processed only for the purpose of properly providing services to the client, verifying the client's eligibility to use the services of the club. Data security is extremely important to FbS Club. Club FbS never shares the personal information of our users - customers, for purposes other than to provide our services. Club FbS never sells or gives access to data to entities unrelated to Club FbS.
3. The administrator of the personal data collected via the website fitbystep.pl, mobile application eFitness app, sheets in the club, by phone is Ewa Lisowska and Anna Lisowska who run the business under the name Fit by Step s.c. business address and address for delivery: Królewska 1 street, 30-045 Krakow, NIP : 677-23-05-501, REGON : 120639491, electronic mail address ( e-mail ): recepcja@fitbystep.pl .
4. Customers' personal data are processed on the basis of Article 6(1)(b),(c) and (f) of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council ( EU ) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons in relation to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC ( RODO ).
5. Other detailed information regarding personal data is contained in the FbS Club Privacy Policy, which forms an integral part of the FbS Club Terms and Conditions.
6 Final Provisions
1. In the event of non-compliance with the provisions of the Regulations, FbS Club has the right to refuse the Client to participate in the classes and to strike the Client from the list of FbS Club members without the right to a refund for unused classes.
2. The Club has the right to take photos of the facility for advertising and promotional purposes, including the image of the Clients.
3. In order to ensure the safety and quality of services at Club FbS the available premises may be monitored. The surveillance recordings may only be used for purposes related to the safety and security of persons and property of Club FbS. The administrator of the monitoring system is Club FbS .
4. To the extent not regulated in the Terms and Conditions, the provisions of Polish law, including the Civil Code Act of 23 April 1964 (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2016, item 380, as amended) shall apply accordingly.